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Pull off Adhesion Tester

Pull off Adhesion Tester
Pull off Adhesion Tester
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Product Code : JW-MJ5
Brand Name : Jewel
Product Description

Pull off Adhesion Tester

JW-MJ5 rivets, the bond strength of the insulation material detector recently developed a new type of detection equipment Tianjin Jewel Electronic Instrument  Co.,Ltd.(referred to as the detector), applicable to the construction fixed insulation material rivet pulling force, wall detection of the body insulation materials bond strength.

Detector main functions:
(1) apply to the detection of the the rivet pulling force bond strength and insulation materials.
(2) the rivet pulling force detected, the detection of the adhesive strength of the heat insulating material (different specifications test block).
(3) Peak Hold: Peak Hold state, always display the maximum tension value.

Detector maximum tension value 5kN
Resolution 0.001KN
Tension stroke 65 mm
Weight 2.5 Kg
Intelligent power NiMH rechargeable battery, long use